Anime Cartoons RGB Gaming MousePad

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Anime Cartoons RGB Gaming MousePad

Non-slip Design & High Elasticity Natural Rubber, Easy to fold without fold marks.  Good to storage & Gift with packaging....

Material: Rubber
Style: RGB Gaming Mouse Mat, Support 3 LED Model
Thickness: 3mm , 4mm
Static mode : Stay in 1 color light , you can change the color between Blue/Pink/Yellow/White/Red/Green .

Horse Racing LED effect : The LED will run between Blue/Pink/Yellow/White/Red/Green .
Breathing LED effect : The LED will breathing between Blue/Pink/Yellow/White/Red/Green .

  • Separable Cable Design: if you need RGB light, you can plug the micro USB cable to the mousepad, if you don't need RGB light, you can unplug the cable.(Note: The mousepad need External power supply, you can plug the USB cable to pc or USB charger)
  • The lenght of USB cable is 1.8m.
  • One Button Operation, Simple and Convenient: Easy to use, long press on the key, turn on or off the RGB, press once to change the LED mode
  • Locking Edge Design: Precise Lockedge, Prevent the edge warp
  • Ultra-smooth Cloth Surface: Optimized for fast moving when maintaining excellent speed and control during gaming or work. Ensures the easiest mouse movements and best response times.
  • Washable design do not fade: Waterproof coating can effectively prevent damage from spilled liquid or other accidents. Easy to clean 

Please allow a possibility of any slight variation in product color as the color display varies with the type of screens.